Fine D2A Electronics your premium source for high quality Printed Circuit Boards, our prices are among the best in the industry. We are committed to quality and customer's satisfaction.

Fine D2A Electronics, Serves the Electronics Industries in whole over the world. Our business is Printed Circuit Boards Designing, Fabrication and Assembly for:
Prototypes Short Run Medium Runs Long Runs
  PCB Assembly Capabilities     PCB Fabrication Capabilities (Flex & Rigid Boards)
  24-hour to 3-day quick-turn services
  Turn-key and consigned solutions
  Component size as small as 0201
  Direct & multiple chip attach
  Double sided BGA assembly
  Double sided, single reflow processing
  Fine pitch high count press fit connectors
  Continuous flow SMT lines, Thru-Hole process
  Functional test, X-Ray & BGA rework
  Aqueous cleaning, Process verification with AOI inspection
  Regulatory compliant
  Clean room environment
  Blind and Buried Vias, Burn In Boards
  0.35mm / 0.4mm BGA, 3/3 traces and spaces with filled via
  2.5 / 2.5 traces and spaces with filled via
  Exotic Materials, Hard Gold and Soft Bondable Gold Finish
  Laser Drill, HDI
  UL listed
  ISO9001:2008 Approved
  Process Control under IPC-A-600-G Standard
  PCB Desiging Services
  IPC Certified
  Designs performed with latest version of EDA tools,
  with in house capability up to 24 layers
  Domain Expertise for Defense, Medical, Telecommunication,
  Industrial & Aerospace segments
  High speed Digital Design up to 500 MHz, Metal core,
  Mix signal PCB design
  Clean room environment
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Geetha Nagar Road# 2, Cross 1
Near Sainathpuram, Secunderabad -500056,
Andhra Pradesh State, India.
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ITAR Registered | ISO 9001:2088 | ISO 13485:2003 | IPC J-STD-001E
RoHS Compliant | IPC Class-3 validated lead-free process